"You and I both know you’re not going to the gym."

"Oh, did…did you need a pillow, or…?"

"Hey dummy, I think your mousepad is broken."

"I could tell you that I’m sorry for drinking out of the toilet BUT I’M NOT."



My brother is fine, er whatever, but he made half of this, which is great.

Don’t look at my left breast.

Today in the @hazlittmag studio: Sean Michaels and his theremin.

"Terrible third draft."

"This is not comfortable."

Gowda has house, Gowda has cable, Gowda owns $90 garbage can, Gowda getting married, Gowda grown.

Please come to this thing @naomisk is making me do next week.

As a child, I used to design bathing suits. Most of them came with high heels and purses. I read too many Archie Comics. I was very talented.

Proof that I played a sport at least one time 12 years ago.